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"Celebi: Voice of the Forest"

Pikachu's Hide and Seek
Celebi: Voice of the Forest

Somewhere in the Illex Forest...

Celebi, the Time Travel Pokemon, flies swiftly through the forest, fleeing from a Houndoom, which is hot on its trail. The monster attacks Celebi, failing to connect. A Scyther soon is attacking as well. Both monsters attack, but Celebi uses barrier to deflect the attacks. Houndoom attacks with a fire attack, but Celebi cannot deflect the attack; instead, it falls to the ground. A man soon approaches, saying that he is a hunter. He immediately tosses a capturing device at Celebi, but the Pokémon quickly and effectively dodges it, and flees to safety.

Yukinari, a boy, walks through a large, hollowed out tree that is lain on the ground. A bit later, he is seen, drawing pictures of Pokémon in his sketchbook. His attention is drawn away from his work as the Pokémon are suddenly frightened, and flee. Yukinari happens to notice Celebi flying by, followed by Scyther and Houndoom, and the hunter. Following, Yukinari finds Scyther pinning Celebi down. Yukinari tries to help, but Celebi proves it can hold its own, by crying out loudly. Hearing the call of Celebi, the vines of the forest soon wrap around the two monsters. The boy goes to Celebi. The hunter soon appears, warning that he give up Celebi to him. Yukinari ignores, and takes Celebi to the shrine of the forest. Celebi cries loudly, as the surroundings begin to fade and blurr together. Celebi uses a type of time travel to escape the forest from the present time. Celebi and Yukinari vanish, leaving only the boy's sketchbook behind.

Later on, in the future...

In a town by the ocean, Brock and Misty arrive at a port, but without Ash. They wait, but Brock sends his monster Crobat to locate Ash. Ash is battling another trainer, which ends in a victory for both Ash and Pikachu. Crobat leads Ash to where Misty and Brock are waiting, and everyone boards the boat. Well, Ash jumps for the boat, since it was leaving the port before he had arrived.

Searching for Celebi, this Bisashu guy begins to question the hunter from the past, about Celebi's whereabouts. After getting a response he did not agree with, Bisashu then goes to see the hunter's Pokémon. Looking around, he notices a Pokémon Tyranitar. He orders his Pokémon, Sneasel, to open the cage, holding the monster. Sneasel obeys, while Bisashu holds a capturing device in his hand. The capturing device is a Dark Ball, which brings out the inner evil of a captured monster. He throws it at Tyranitar, capturing it without fail. As it is released, Tyranitar shows more evil characteristics than before. Bisashu commands the newly captured monster to destroy its former master's home. It does so, obeying its new master.

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